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Welcome to my little corner of fanfiction at this here site! ^_^ This is where I store all of my pointless and meaningless SonAmy writing! :D Enjoy!

Long Love
Sonic takes Amy on a suprise vacation up to the snowy mountains and the tropical beach (Rated G, just romantic ^_^)

That Thankful Day Before Thanksgiving
Chapter One- That Thankful Day Before Thanksgiving
Amy is having Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and she has invited her friends. But will she actually be able to get everything ready before her beloved Sonic comes over? (Rated G)

Sunset on the Hill
Amy sits on her favorite hill at sunset, thinking about Sonic. She comes to an important realization as she daydreams...(Rated G)

Approaching Heaven- Chapter One
Sonic and his friends take a vacation, and they discover things they would have never guessed about each other. But what will happen while they're on vacation? Will their feelings towards each other change?(Rated G)

Autumn Memories
Amy and Sonic relax in Amy's backyard, and re-live their memories of the past. They both discover something that will change their lives forever, in just a split second...(Rated G)

Autumn Sun
Probably my oldest SonAmy piece of writing ^.^ It was on my old site...*cough*'s a poem. A SonAmy one, w00t.(Rated G)

Currently Untitled- Chapter One
Well, every SonAmy site needs a long, ongoing SonAmy story with about 20 chapters, so here's the beginning of mine! XD It's'll see ;>(Rated G)

Thunderstorm- Chapter One
Ooh, this was a fun one to write ;) Sonic and his friends are in for a surprise when a thunderstorm hits Station Square...Rated G)

Winter Wonderland- Chapter One
This is my X-mas ficcy ^^ It's half done, so expect the rest to arrive quite shortly. (Rated G)

Soon to come: This'll be put up tonight ^^;;