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Amy Rose was outside

On a beautiful autumn day

She breathed in the crisp autumn air

And gazed out over the bay


The golden light reflected off her skin

Her eyes looked beautiful in the light

Her face looked perfect

She was a beautiful sight


She sighed happily and she thought

Since her thoughts had turned to love

She smiled as she thought of Sonic

He was truly sent from above


Sonic had never really cared about her

He only thought of her as a friend

But lately his feelings had changed

She was more than okay in the end


Deep down,

Sonic really cared about that pretty pink girl

She really cared about him

And he kind of liked her


Amy wondered how he was

She thought she’d go and see

As she walked towards him house

She thought as she always did, “I wonder if he likes me”


Sonic decided to see how Amy was

He started towards her home

He tried to picture her

So he could write a poem


Amy spotted him

Walking in her direction

A sweet little smile played on her lips

“Maybe he’s made a correction…”


“Maybe now he loves me”,

Amy Rose thought

“He’s seen the mistake of loving Sally

Which is good since I like him a lot”


Sonic caught up with Amy

He was thinking of his past

He saved Amy when she was young

Even then he was super fast


“Maybe she deserves a chance”.

He thought, and said “Hey Amy Rose”

She grinned, and said “Hi Sonic”

And looked down at her toes


Without a second thought

Amy hugged him hard

But to her surprise, he hugged her back

Which threw her off her guard


“I’m sorry Amy”, Sonic said

“For how mean I’ve been before,

But now that I think of it,

I’ve never loved you more”


Amy looked up at him, tears of happiness in her eyes

“I love you too”

She replied

“And my love for you will never die”


Sonic smiled at Amy

Amy returned his smile

They walked off hand in hand

For at least a mile


When it got dark, Amy had to leave

Sonic pulled her close and said, “”I love you”

Amy smiled, feeling that it was a perfect world

And said, “I love you too”



Winter, December 6th, 2001