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                                                Approaching Heaven


Disclaimer:  Sonic, Amy, Tikal, Knuckles, and Tails are all ã to SonicTeam/Sega.  YAY FOR SEGA! =D

Sky Fox is ã to me and ONLY me :3


This is going to be an interesting, rather different type of fanfic.  As all of mine are.  XD They’re not your STANDARD SONIC FICS, ARE THEY?  Well, too bad <^.^> Enjoy the fic! ^^




“Are the bags packed?  Can we really go?  Is it time to go?” Amy jumped around, clasping her hands together.  Sonic rolled his eyes. 

                “Yes, it’s really and truly time to go”, he answered.  She annoyed the heck out of him most of the time.  Amy grinned happily. 

                “A full two months of fun!” she screeched excitedly.  Sonic groaned. 

                “Yes.  Now please shut up.  We’re going to meet Knux and the others outside.  Then we’re going to take the van for four hours up to the place.  Let’s go outside and wait”. 

                “AIIEEE!  YES!  Let’s go Sonikku!  I’m soooo excited!” Amy was prancing around like a happy child at Christmas time.  Sonic just looked annoyed. 


                They were about ready to leave for the Listera Resort, a perfect vacation spot.  It had many activities to do that people could sign up for (such as track for Sonic, singing/dancing for Amy and the girls, and other things), swimming pools, and many more luxurious, entertaining things to do.  Sonic had gotten two huge rooms (with three king-sized beds and a hot tub in each) for six people, so he had decided to take along his friends. 

                He had figured that he had to take Amy, although she annoyed him a LOT.  She would have whined and never would have forgiven him.  That was how he ended up with Amy over at his house, with her three pink suitcases, squealing and screaming about how happy she was to be spending two months with him.  He wasn’t thrilled at all.  He really didn’t like her just then, just barely as a friend.  She never shut up or acted normal around him. 


                They both heard the sleek blue van pull up in the driveway, and of course, Amy grabbed her suitcases, and ran out the door.  Sonic, groaning exasperatedly, followed her at a more normal pace, dragging his suitcases behind him. 

                Amy was already in the car, grinning evilly.  The only seat that was left for him was next to her.  He stopped dead in his tracks at noticing this, and momentarily closed his eyes.  Why me? he thought.  Knuckles, who was sitting in the drivers seat with a grin on his face, chuckled.  Tikal, his beloved other, sat next to him, smiling and laughing a little bit.  Sonic threw open the door, grumbling darkly to himself, and jumped in the seat waiting for him.  He strapped himself in and then crossed his arms in front of him, still muttering rude words and insults. 

                “Aw, c’mon Sonic, can it possibly be that bad?” Tails asked, grinning annoyingly. 

                “YES”, Sonic answered, rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth.  Amy didn’t seem to notice their conversation, for she was already deep in conversation with Sky and Tikal. 

                “I hear that they have singing!” Amy was exclaiming.  Sonic rolled his eyes again. 

                “I don’t want to hear HER singing”, he muttered.  Tails, who was sitting in front next to his red dreaded friend, exchanged a look with Knuckles. 

                “Give her a break, she wasn’t even talking to you”, he told him. 

                “Shut up Tails, or I’ll leave you behind.  Remember, it’s MY trip, and I’m just bringing you along”, Sonic growled. 

                “But without us, you’ll be lonely.  Shut up Sonic”. 

                “Stuff it, brat”. 

                “Shaddup jerk”. 

                “Heartless fool”. 

                “Baby brat”.

                “Stupid, you can’t repeat part of an insult”, Sonic said, part of a grin on his face. 

                “Says who, loser?” Tails returned the grin.  Knuckles snickered. 

                “Do you guys ever stop?” he asked.  Sonic shook his head, still grinning.  Knuckles threw his hands up in the air. 

                “Why are you two arguing?  That’s weird, it’s usually us two”, Knuckles said, giving Sonic a meaningful look. 

                “You’re right.  We should have a one-on-one when we get there”, Sonic said, giving Knuckles a mild look.  Tails shook his head in disbelief. 

                “So you mean I’m going to be stuck with you two for more than four more hours?  Oh great”. 


                Three hours passed. 

                Sonic was half-asleep, mouthing the words to a song in his head.  Amy and Sky were asleep.  Tikal was gazing out the window, and Knuckles and Tails were snapping at each other. 

                Amy awoke to them literally yelling at each other a few minutes into the fifth hour of being in the van. 

                “Shut up, you guys.  I was sleeping”, she said grouchily. 

                “Good thing you woke up.  We’re there”, Knuckles said.  Amy, who’s eyes had already been closed again, sat bolt upright. 

                “We are?  WE ARE!” she squealed.  Sonic woke with a start. 

                “Mrfle eer?” he mumbled.  Knuckles snickered. 

                “Wake up, freak.  We’re there”, he said.  Sonic shook his head and his eyes grew wide. 

                “WE MADE IT?  ALL RIGHT!” he said, throwing his seatbelt off.  The noise of his voice woke Sky up.  With a squeal, she glared at Sonic. 

                “Shut up.  I was asleep”, she said with a pout, then closed her eyes.  Tails chuckled. 

                “Come on, sleepyhead.  We made it”.  Sky opened her eyes a little more, and then smiled. 

                “Well what are we waiting for?  Let’s go”, she suggested. 

                Tikal had snapped out of her gaze, and was already ready to get out.  The van pulled into a small parking lot, and they could see the immense light yellow building in front of them.  The outside of it was covered in decks and lights.  Everyone felt a flutter of excitement in their stomachs as they got out of the car and began to unload their belongings.  It was already about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but it was still was very warm.  Amy smiled happily as the warm sunlight covered her.  Sonic was scanning the area.  He suddenly pointed to a red object in the corner of the lot. 

                “Look, a cart.  Let’s put our bags on it and go check in”, he suggested, turning to the others for their approval.  Everyone agreed, so they loaded their possessions onto the cart and turned to walk into the building. 


                Amy had the feeling that they were approaching a heaven; a comfortable place that they could spent hours at just luxuriously resting. 


                She did not know that the two months that she would spend there would uncover many emotions from each of them; that by the time they’d leave, almost all of their problems would be solved…


                What emotions will be uncovered?  Why would it be heaven for them?  What will happen during the vacation?  Find out in Chapter Two- Clouded Horizon.