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                                                                Sunset on the Hill


Disclaimer:  I don’t own Sonic or Amy.  They are both ă to SonicTeam/Sega.  ^^


This is a fluffy, non-adventure fanfic just like almost all my others XD Just kidding.  This has no action/adventure.  It’s just simply about Amy Rose sitting on her favorite hill at sunset, thinking about Sonic.  But she learns an important lesson…

Thanks go to Icy “Amerz” Hedgehog’s board’s members (you know who you are!) for inspiration (if any of you read this, I bet you ANYTHING that you’ll say “What inspiration?”).  Eh, whatever, you guys STILL were inspiring, no matter what you say. 

Amy Rose and Sonic the Hedgehog are © to Sega. 

Now, on to the story =D




It was still at that part of the day where the light is golden, and the afternoon is ending, when Amy Rose pushed past everyone in the Station Square Park.  She glanced at the new watch she had just purchased, and looked at the time.  Perfect, she thought.  It was 5:39 on a warm summer’s day.  She had just finished her day’s worth of shopping (which, incredibly, was very small, as she had only bought a watch and a new case of lipgloss).  She had realized how beautiful the day’s weather had turned out, so she had decided to go to the park that overlooked the beach. 

                She continued walking along a small dirt path as she left the small crowd, and made her way towards a few different hills.  She smiled, knowing that her favorite hill was only up ahead.  She quickened her pace, and then her smile grew.  There it was, tucked away behind a few large hills.  She jogged up towards “her” hill, clutching her small pink bag holding her purchases, and then she reached it.  She quickly glanced around, to check if anyone had seen her coming, or if anyone was around.  No one was in sight, and that was exactly the way she liked it.  She climbed up the semi-steep hill from the side, knowing it was the easiest way to get up. 

                When she reached the top, she sighed happily, and sat down on the grassy slope.  The warm summer air mingled with the smell of the sea, causing her to feel warm, inside and out.  This day can’t get any better, she thought, closing her eyes and hugging her knees to her chest.  But then she opened her eyes.  Yes it can.  If only Sonic were here…

                She sighed again, but this time it was not a sigh of contentment.  She felt alone again.  Sure, there were her friends, Sky and Tikal, but they weren’t even in the city at the time.  Of course, there were Tails and Knuckles, but they were her friends.  Sonic wanted nothing to do with her, and she knew it.  She closed her eyes again, and tried to enjoy the sun on her back.  But she could not.  Her good mood had been ruined from her longing of Sonic. 

                She gave up on trying to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and opened her eyes.  She gazed out over the sea, wondering how it was considered so beautiful and she not.  She shook her head softly to herself, feeling utterly alone in the world.  She looked heavenward, gazing at the golden tinted clouds, and realized that she wasn’t alone.  Just because Sonic isn’t mine doesn’t mean that I am no one.  I have to remember that there are all of my friends who are there for me.  But I still feel incomplete, like something is missing.  She heaved a huge sigh and then lay back down on her side, facing the ocean.  This place is so beautiful…why can’t I feel beautiful too?  Sonic says that we are friends…and I suppose that’s an accomplishment.  Should I smile because we’re friends or cry because that’s all we’ll ever be?  I love him so much…

                It was at that moment that she sat bolt upright.  She had realized what she had just thought. 

                “I love Sonic”, she said to herself.  Then a smile spread across her face.  “I love Sonic”, she said in a louder voice.  She then giggled to herself, as she realized that with that thought, she could be happy again.  Who says that Sonic will never be mine?  If I love him, then maybe he’ll begin to like me.  My feelings towards him are no longer those of a childhood crush…they’re feelings of love.  Maybe I can write a song about that. 

                She sat up again.  The sun was beginning to set over the ocean, causing brilliant colors to reflect off of the surrounding land.  She smiled and stood up.  Yeah, I love Sonic.  And you know what?  With that, maybe I can finally catch up to him and tell him.  And you know what?  I think I will. I don’t need for him to love me.  I only need to love myself for who I am. 

 She began the walk home, noticing the beautiful colors of the sky.  And she no longer felt incomplete. 



May 12th, 2002