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Long Love




Disclaimer: Sonic and Amy Rose are to SonicTeam, a.k.a. they do NOT belong to me.


††††††††††††††† This is an old fic of mine, and in my opinion, a very n00bish and definantly NOT my best work.But itís all right, I suppose.Eh, enjoy, itís not that bad.XD Sorry if Iíve scared you off, itís really not that bad.Actually, I like it.I think itís just fine.And-*gets killed* ALL RIGHT!XD Itís FINE!ENJOY IT!XD


†††††††††††††† Amy woke up with a yawn on a beautiful summer's day. She smiled as her eyes fell on a framed picture of Sonic, her sometimes sort-of boyfriend. She smiled even wider at the thought as she got up and got dressed. Then the doorbell rang. Amy ran to it, and flung it open. There stood Sonic.
††††††††††††† "Hey!" he smiled.
††††††††††††† "Hi!" Amy replied. "So...whatcha doing tonight?" Sonic said casually. Amy looked at him closely.
††††††††††††† "Sonic, is this a date?" she asked.
††††††††††††† "You better believe it!" Sonic replied.
††††††††††††† "Ohhhh, my hero!" Amy gushed.
"I'll pick you up at 6:30, okay?" he said.
"Sure!" she replied.
Once he left, she danced around the room joyfully. The doorbell rang again. She practically broke her neck running for it.
"Hello again!" she sang out.
"Wow, I didn't realize I was loved that much!Ē said a voice. Amy then realized who was at the door.
"Oh Tails. It's just you", Amy groaned.
"Gee, thanks. I like you too", Tails said sarcastically.
"Noooo, Tails, it's not that. It's just..." She stopped in mid-sentence. Tails began to grin.
"Heeey, you like Sonic, don'tcha?"
"No! No, I don't!" Amy snapped.
"Yes you do", Tails replied with the same annoying grin plastered all over his face.
"Okay, so I like him a little", Amy admitted.
"And..." Tails looked at her expectantly.
"Okay, I really like him. He asked me out", she said, blushing.
"Oh. I see". Tails had always though crushes were pointless.
"So are you?" Amy changed the subject abruptly.
"Oh, I'm fine. There's nothing new around my place. I'm trying to build a table, but it's kinda impossible".
"Building a table isn't impossible!" Amy laughed. "Well, trying to build one with a built-in slushie machine and popcorn popper is pretty hard", Tails answered.
"Oh, cool!" Amy cried.
"Yeah, if it works, I'll give it to you", Tails promised. "'Kay, thanks Tailsie", Amy giggled, and gave him a hug.
"Okay, okay, no more of that!" Tails said, but he was smiling. "Well, I better get going. Gotta go invent the world's worst table", Tails said after a moment.
"'Kay. See ya later!" Amy said to him.

After Tails left, Amy went out to her favorite clothing store. She tried on countless dresses, shirts, and skirts, before finally choosing one. It was a pretty sleeveless fuschia colored dress. She browsed through all of the other clothing, before purchasing a bikini, a creamy colored snow outfit, and other various items of clothing. "You can never be too ready for the year", Any said to herself. She looked at her watch. It was already 6:00 PM. Knowing how Sonic would be at her house promptly at 6:30, she hurried and paid for her stuff. She rushed home and showered, putting on her new dress. She sprayed her quills with a hairspray that smelled like watermelon, and was just spraying some perfume on as the doorbell rang. She, as calmly as she could manage to be, went to the door and opened it. There stood Sonic. He looked even cuter as usual as he stood there with a grin on his face.
"Are ya ready?" he asked.
"You betcha!" Amy smiled at him.
"Oh yeah, bring some more stuff that just your jacket", Sonic said suddenly.
"Why?" Amy asked curiously.
"Um...I'll tell you soon. But go get some clothes for hot and cold weather", Sonic added quickly.
"Okay", Amy agreed uncertainly. She went into her room and grabbed the bag with all of her new clothes. She went back into her living room, where Sonic was standing.
"Um, you might want to take more than that", Sonic said.
Amy looked interested as she asked, "Sonic, why are you asking me to take clothes out on our date?"
"Well, that's a suprise. Get some more clothes, and I'll tell you".
Amy went back into her room. She grabbed all of her clothes, (which was a lot of clothes), and placed them in a pink suitcase. She jammed it shut, before going into her bathroom and taking her toothbrush, make-up, and all of her other stuff before going back into the living room.
"Is this enough?" she asked sarcastically, gesturing to her suitcase.
"Yeah, that's perfect", Sonic said, and rolled her suitcase out the door. She followed him down to his blue car, where he put her suitcase into the trunk of the car. His blue suitcase was already in the car.
"Sonic, where are we going?" Amy asked.
"Wait until we're in the car", Sonic said.
Amy promptly got in the car and said, "Okay, we're in the car. Where are we going?"
"Soon as we're on the road, I'll tell you", Sonic said. Amy sighed exasperatedly, and said, reluctantly, "Okay".
As soon as they were on the road, Amy immediately said, "Tell me".
"Well, we're going on a trip", Sonic said with a grin.
"A trip! Where to?" Amy cried in a shocked voice.
"Well, first we're going to go to a snowy place, then we'll go to a hot sunny place. This trip is two weeks long", Sonic said.
Amy grinned. She couldn't believe it. Was it possible that this was happening? But it had to be true. After a moment of stunned silence, she finally got some words out of her mouth.
"WOW! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Amy thanked Sonic. She then took the opportunity to hug him.

For the next half-hour, Amy chatted with Sonic, mostly about their trip.
"So...what convinced you to take me on a trip?" Amy asked.
"Well, um...ahem", Sonic coughed, then sniffed. He looked at her. Amy could tell that he was trying to say something she'd want to hear.
"Okay, so maybe I've had a crush on you for a while. And I wanted to spend some time with you. I mean, after all, we are friends".
"Wow...Sonic, I had no idea...Ē Amy smiled happily. She looked as if she were about to cry with happiness. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, but she held them back. "That means so much to me. Are you really sure you mean that? I thought you loved Sally".
"No. I love you. Not Sally", Sonic said quickly, then looked straight ahead at the road. He was smiling, though, and his face had turned awfully red when he had said that. "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Amy sobbed happily, her eyes overflowing. It was so wonderful to be loved.
Sonic smiled. He was used to Amy's crying. Amy had lately been crying whenever she was sad or happy.
After a while, Sonic said, "We're halfway there".
"Where?" Amy asked.
"To Snowy Peak. I have a big cabin up there, and up in the mountains, at this time of year, it'll be snowing. We could even have a blizzard!"
"Really?" Amy said excitedly.
"Really", Sonic said with a smile.

Over the course of the next hour, Amy and Sonic actually had long conversations, instead of short chats.
"So...what's it like to be up in the mountains? Does anyone else have a cabin up there?" Amy questioned.
"Nope. It's my mountain. I own it. The property is about five miles wide, and the mountain is even higher than that!" Sonic boasted.

After about 45 minutes, they were there.
"'s so beautiful!" Amy cried. The view was breathtaking.
"C'mon, I'll take you up to the cabin", Sonic said. They got in a tramway that took them about halfway up the mountain. The mountain wasn't actually as high as Sonic had said it was. It was only about three miles high. It was an extremely beautiful mountain, with glistening pure white snow covering every inch of it.
Once they were off the tramcar and heading for the cabin, Sonic put his arm around Amy. She did the same back to him. They walked together until they reached the cabin.
Once they were inside, Amy noticed how cozy it was. There was a fireplace, two different rooms with a king-sized bed in each, a whole bunch of rugs, and plenty other cozy, comforting things. Sonic immediately started a tour of the cabin for Amy, showing her where all the food was, and other things she'd need to know. Amy was very happy. She looked at her watch. It was around 8:00 PM.
"You know, we don't have to go to sleep anytime soon", Amy said with a grin. Sonic smiled. He knew how much it meant to Amy to have a free night, since Robotnik and others had been t terrorizing Station Square almost everyday. Amy was usually in hiding, and Sonic was always on the go, fighting. He turned back to Amy.
"You're right. We can stay up without worrying about having to leave and hide, for once!" Sonic said in a happy tone of voice. They began to plan what they would do for the rest of the night.
"Well, I know it's dark outside, but I want to see what it looks like", Amy said. She got up and opened the front door. A flurry of snow flew inside.
"Okay, I know what it looks like", Amy said quickly, and shut the door.
"Uh oh", Sonic said, frowning. He turned on his portable radio, which was on the table he was sitting at.
"...And now the weather", an announcer said. "Around the Casta Mountains-"
"That's where we are!" Amy exclaimed. Sonic motioned for her to be quiet for a minute.
"-A blizzard is on the way", the announcer finished. Sonic turned off the radio.
"No one knows about Snowy Peak. The problem is, I purchased this mountain, so if anything happens to it, I have to take care of it alone", Sonic explained.
Amy was suddenly distracted. She had just noticed how hard the snow was hitting the windows.
"Whoa. I can believe the blizzard warning", she commented.
"Soooo, are ya hungry?" Sonic said abruptly.
"Starved", she replied.
"How about...chilidogs!" Sonic suggested.
Amy smiled to herself. Chilidogs were Sonic's absolute favorite food. She happened to like them too.
"Okay!" she agreed.
Sonic began to make their dinner.
"Here, why don't I cook?" Amy suggested, remembering the last time he had tried to cook. His shirt had caught fire, and while he panicked, Amy tried to put it out, which only set her skirt on fire. Finally, with Amy screaming, and Sonic trying to spin it off, they put it out with water. Sonic hadn't tried to cook since.
"Here, you make the hot chocolate", Amy said, escorting him to the stove.
Once their dinner was done, they sat down at the table.
"You know, it's more comfortable in the rug", Sonic implied, gesturing towards the fluffy, furry rug that lay on the ground by the fireplace.
"'Kay, let's sit there", Amy agreed, and they moved their plates to the floor.
"You know, a blizzard is kind of cool", Amy said, once they had started eating.
"This is why I brought ten rolls of film", said sonic, and pulled out his ten rolls of film out of his pocket.
"Here, let me get a picture of you", he said.
Amy smiled cutely as the camera went "click!"

The two hedgehogs finished their dinner, and then cleaned the dishes, while thinking of what to do next.
" now what do you want to do?" Amy said uncertainly.
"Well, we could...uh...listen to music?" Sonic suggested.
"Yeah!" Amy cried.
Sonic gestured towards a shelf attached to the wall holding roughly around 500 CDs and grinned mischievously.
"Which one do you want to listen to?" he asked.
"Um...I you have that band "Girl Heart?" Amy asked, feeling foolish.
Sonic actually liked the group a lot, and he had their CD. He never told Shadow, Tails, or Knuckles, in fear of being laughed at for the rest of his life.
"As a matter of fact, I do have that CD", Sonic said, and took it out. He put the disc in his CD player. Soon, the music came on, and Amy began to sing and dance. She sang sweetly, and when the first song was over, Sonic complemented her.
"Wow, you have a nice voice!" he said approvingly.
"Thanks!" Amy said, blushing. She always was thrilled when he said anything nice to her.

After another half-hour, they had listened to the whole CD.
"Well...what'cha wanna do?" Amy said.
"You know, maybe we should go to sleep now", Sonic said.
"You know, maybe you're right", Amy said. They both got ready to go to bed, and at around 10:00 PM, they went to sleep.

The next morning, Amy woke bright and early. It was 7:00 AM, way too early to wake Sonic up. Plus, he'd appreciate being left alone until a reasonable hour. In the other room, she could hear Sonic snoring slightly.
Amy got out of her bed, and put on her snow outfit. She walked quietly into the kitchen. She got out the oatmeal, the bagels, the jam, and the coffee. Amy had recently started to drink coffee, and loved it. Sonic also loved coffee. That's another thing we have in common, Amy thought happily.
Soon, Amy was setting the breakfast on the table, when Sonic strolled in.
"Hey! The blizzard stopped!" Sonic exclaimed. It was snowing lightly.
Then he noticed the breakfast. "Heeey...thanks!" he said, giving Amy a hug. She smiled and hugged him back. They ate their breakfast quickly, so they could go outside as soon as possible. At 9:00 AM, they did.
For hours, they ice-skated, skied, had snowball fights, and just took long walks together. At 5:30 PM, it was getting dark, and the sun had almost set (it had been cloudy, so what was shown of the sunset). They were starving, so they went in for another quick meal of noodle soup, since they wanted to go back out again. Once they finished their dinner, they went outside and built a snowman. Sonic realized how much fun was having. He also realized how much fun he was having with Amy.She's the best girl I'll ever know, he thought.

At around 8:00 PM, Sonic decided he wanted to go snowboarding. Of course, Amy couldn't stay behind. But there was one small problem.
"I don't know how to snowboard", Amy said, worried.
"Don't worry. It's okay. You can hold on to me", said Sonic reassuringly.
They stepped onto Sonic's snowboard while Amy gripped his shoulders. Off they went. It was an amazing ride! Amy and Sonic were flying through the air. Once they stopped at a ridge, Amy looked at Sonic. They stared deep into each other's eyes. Amy moved forward, and boldly made a decision. She kissed him straight on the lips. Sonic felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. As they pulled away, Amy smiled. Sonic scooped her up into his arms, and they sped off into the night, down the mountain.
"Sonic", Amy said. "I want you to know something. I've always had a big crush on you, and now, well...I love you", she said quietly.
"I love you too", Sonic said. He smiled hopefully. Amy blushed and kissed him again. Once they finished, they both smiled.
"You know...", Amy started.
"Yeah...." Sonic added. They grinned.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Sonic asked sweetly.
"Yes!" Amy said, crying a little bit. Sonic chuckled, since Amy only cried when she was really happy, and if he made her that happy, then maybe she really did care a lot.
Amy embraced him tightly, burying her head in his shoulder. Sonic had put her down, but he picked her up, and they were off. The cold air mixed with Amy's warm tears on her face, and Sonic noticed how her face looked. He almost cried himself, but he stopped himself. They went down another slope, and were on Sonic's snowboard for another hour, before Sonic said, "'s late. We should be going, so we can do this tomorrow without being exhausted".
"Yeah", Amy agreed, even though she wished that the evening would never end.
They made their way back to the cabin. Once inside, they changed into their pajamas and sat down in front of the fire and warmed their cold selves. The day had been perfect for both of them. Amy realized how great Sonic was, even greater than she had ever dreamed he would be.
For the rest of the week, Amy and Sonic were in and out of the cabin, going down the mountain faster then anyone could think the two of them could go. They continued to show affection for each other for the rest of the week.


††††† PART TWO

Their suitcases were packed, and they were on their way to Sun Beach. Amy and Sonic talked along the way about their trip so far.
"You know, I love your cabin! It's so cozy and warm. How often do you go up there?" Amy asked.
"Oh, maybe every few weeks. If you ever want to go back, just tell me, and we can go. You know, I'm gonna ask you something. Do you want to share the mountain? I'll pay for it and take care of it, but it also can be partially yours", Sonic asked.
"Oh, I would love that!" Amy smiled, and sniffled. Sonic smiled at her, and she smiled a watery smile back.
"Sun beach is really great", Sonic began to say suddenly, as if electricity had crackled through his bones and made him speak.
"I own a little part of it. I also have an island. See, I own part of the beach and I keep my boat there. I only leave to go to my island from the beach, so people don't get suspicious. I have a beach house on the beach and on the island. I have about a mile of beach and palm trees to myself", Sonic grinned.
"Really?" Amy asked.

"Yup. I wanted to know, would you rather stay on my beach, or go to my island?" Sonic asked.
"I want to go to your island", Amy decided immediately.
"Good choice. I want to go to my island also", Sonic said. "You'll like it. It's shaped like a heart. It's one of those beautiful classical Hawaiian sort of place. Also...I haven't named the island. Do you want to help me name it?"
"Sure!" Amy agreed, ecstatic.
Soon, they pulled on to a beach. It was crowded, and trash littered the shore.
"This isn't it", Sonic said, noticing the look of distaste on Amy's face. "We gotta take my little path. It'll only take us ten minutes to get there if we run", said Sonic slyly. They took off running down the little path that Sonic revealed by pulling away a few branches of a tree. At the end of the path was a bush. Amy noticed it was a big bush, and it seemed to be against a stone. There was no way around it.
"Now what?", Amy asked. Sonic smiled, and pushed up all of the leaves on the bush. It was a sort of hidden way to get by. They crawled under the bush. They came out on a little beach.
"We only have to go another two minutes or so until we're at my beach", Sonic said. They walked along the beach until they reached a sectioned off part of shoreline.
"This is it", Sonic said. They were at a very pretty beach with green palm trees and turquoise water.
They walked over to a boat that was anchored. "All aboard", Sonic smiled, and they went on. Sonic pulled up the anchor, and they sailed to his island.
"Wait until ya see my island", Sonic said. "You'll love the beach house, and there's lots of food and stuff there".

Soon, they were at the island. Amy gasped. The island was even more magnificent than Sonic's beach.
"So...get in to your beach clothes once we reach the house, and we can go exploring", Sonic said.
"'Kay!" Amy answered, and rushed towards the house. She immediately was checking out the house, while Sonic raced behind her with the suitcases. He showed Amy her room. It was a nice, big yellow room, with a king-sized bed. The bedspread had palm trees on it. Amy immediately fell in love with her room. She threw open her suitcase and pulled out her pink bikini. Into the bathroom she went, and changed into her bikini. She brushed her hair and tied a magenta wraparound skirt around her waist. As she walked out of the bathroom, Sonic passed her.
"Whoa...I mean, let's go down to the beach!" he said. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and navy blue shorts. They went down the stairs, and grabbed a quick lunch to take with them. Amy took chilidogs, ready-made deli sandwiches, and some sodas. They ran down to the beach holding hands.

Soon, they were sitting down in the warm white sand, setting up their lunch. Amy stuck a large magenta beach umbrella over her, and Sonic set up a dark blue one.
Amy scooped up a handful of sand. "Now this is what I call heaven", she said, and buried herself in the sand. Once Sonic had unburied her, they ate their food. Sonic grinned as he shoved a whole chilidog in his mouth. Amy opened their cans of soda, and took a long sip. She sighed, refreshed.

Once they had finished their lunch, they waited about half an hour to let the food settle in their stomachs, put on sunscreen, and talked. Amy told Sonic how much he loved the island so far. Sonic smiled as she talked. She is such a wonderful person, he thought, and knew he'd want to stay with her forever.
"Sonic, I absolutely love your island", Amy gushed.
"You can come back here anytime, just ask me", he told her.
She smiled, and said, "We still have to name the island".
"You're right", he said. They thought for a moment, then decided to think about it later. Amy ran out to the water, waded until she was nearly in above her head, and then dove. She came back up, gasping and wide-eyed. She got out, got on her goggles, and dove back in. When she came back up, Sonic was saying, "Wait for me". She waited. He ran into the water with a splash. They splashed and swam in the calm, warm ocean until around 7:00 PM, just when the sun was starting to set.

They paced the shoreline, strolling in the vibrant orange light. Sonic looked over at Amy. He realized how beautiful she really was. She looked over at him, and smiled. She wondered what to say. Luckily, Sonic broke the silence.
"So, you like the island?" he said.
She giggled a bit, thinking about how much she had gushed over it all throughout the day. "'s great", she said.
The water reflected on their faces, and their footprints were washed away into the water. They walked farther into the water. Sonic smiled at Amy, and she smiled back. Amy put her arms around Sonic and kissed him. He hugged her tightly. He looked deep into her eyes.
"Amy", he said, then smiled.
"Yes", she said, the corners of her mouth turning up.
"I,", Sonic started to say nervously.
"I love you Sonic", Amy said for him, and kissed him again. Sonic kissed her back, hugging her harder than ever.
"Amy, I love you too. Sally is not worthy of my love (A.N.- Ha ha! Thought I'd never make Sonic say that! ;) XD) All she cares about are looks and whether or not someone is perfect. You care about your own style, not about what's popular. In fact, when we get back, I'll tell her who my real girlfriend is", said Sonic.
By this time, of course, Amy was crying.
Sonic put her face between his hands and told her, "Amy, I love you. I'll never stop you from yourself, and I love when you cry when you're happy", and kissed her.
Amy felt as if she'd never feel that happy again. She looked over at Sonic, and saw in his eyes how much he truly loved her. She loved Sonic, and to her, nothing would ever be the same again, and that only made her happier. They walked along the shoreline, talking and holding hands.
" long did you have a crush on me before?" Amy asked. Sonic blushed, which Amy thought he'd never do.
"Hey...I have a name for the island", Sonic said. "Amy Isle".
"Wow...that's so sweet", Amy breathed, the tears running down her cheeks.
"Anyway, I had a crush on you for about, uh...a year", Sonic said, turning the shade of a ripe cherry. Amy laughed. She couldn't believe it.
"So...what are we going to do when we get back?" Amy asked.
"Iím going to tell everyone who my girlfriend is", Sonic said. Many people knew Sonic, since he often was a hero in Station Square. To be known as Sonic's girlfriend...well, that was something very special.
"Amy, I have something for you", Sonic said. He pulled out a small box. Amy opened it, and her eyes immediately filled with tears again. It was a ring in the shape of a heart.
"Amy, I got you this...because you're my girlfriend", Sonic smiled.
"" Amy breathed.
"I went last night when you were asleep. I went back to the beach shop."
"You mean...this came from the beach shop...was this one on the window...that beautiful gold, silver, and ruby one...that ring?" Amy murmured, gently running her fingers around the surface of the ring. She had seen that ring when they arrived at the dirty beach before coming to Sonic's beach. She had remarked how nice she thought it was, and Sonic knew she wanted it.
" like it?" Sonic asked, his eyes filled with happiness.
"'s so pretty", Amy told him, and hugged him.

They continued walking along the beach.
"Look, Amy...I want to spend as much time as I can with you", Sonic said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a key. The sunlight reflected off of it. The golden color of it shimmered as Sonic placed the key in Amy's hand.
"What...?" she said, and looked curiously at him.
"My house key", he said. Amy smiled, the tears dripping on to her wraparound skirt. She reached into the pocket of the wraparound skirt and pulled out a shimmery pink key.
"Well, in that case...", she said, and gave him the key. He smiled, remembering all the trouble she had gone through to get a pink key to her house.
"Amy-chan", he said, his voice cracking. Amy looked at him with laughter in her eyes. She never thought he'd do that.
"You're so cute, ya know? You look like you're gonna cry!" she said, laughing. He laughed too, and sniffed. She giggled and playfully shoved him. He lost his balance, and toppled into the water. Amy covered her mouth the moment he hit the water, then tried to muffle her laughter. He was in shock for a moment, then started laughing. He stood up, dripping wet, and gently pushed Amy back. She tripped over her foot. She fell into the water with a giant splash. Sonic laughed hard. Amy stood up and dove into the water for no reason. She stood back up and shook her head.
"Wow, that was refreshing", she exclaimed. Sonic was still laughing about her tripping. Amy grabbed a handful of wet sand and hurled it at him. He ducked, laughing at her still, and threw a handful of sopping wet sand at her. It missed her by an inch.
"Ha!" she yelled. He walked over to her. She hugged him with a mischievous grin, and dropped a handful of cold, wet sand down the back of his shirt.
"AAAAHHHH!" he yelled.
"Hee hee", she giggled. She ran off with him close behind. She ran all the way to a little forest, where she found some berries. She waited for him to catch up (unbelievably, she actually ran faster than him for once), then asked, "Are these berries edible?"
"Yup. They're called Troapa berries. They taste like sweet blackberries mixed with raspberries and limes", he said. Amy picked one and popped it into her mouth.
"Mmmm...these are delicious!" she exclaimed. She picked more, until she had a handful. They ate many berries, and Amy got a basket to take some of the berries to the beach house. Soon, it was beginning to get dark, and they were getting a little cold. So they headed for home.

When they got back, Amy took a shower in her bathroom, and Sonic in his. Amy changed into her sleeveless pajamas, and made herself a coke float. Sonic went into the living room and decided to put on a CD. He put on a sort of Hawaiian tropical CD. Amy came down he stairs, trying to do the hula. She collapsed at the bottom step, laughing. Sonic tried to imitate her, and just the sight of him made Amy laugh even harder. She had set her coke float down, but she picked it up and took a sip. Sonic told her he'd be right back, so he ran up the stairs and into his bedroom. He glanced around, then tried once more to imitate Amy's moves. Even though she was only joking when she was trying to do the hula, she was extremely graceful, and Sonic noticed that. He smiled, thinking how lucky he was to know her. He came down the stairs normally, and didn't see Amy. "Amerz, where are ya?" he called out.
"Over here!" she called back, sounding like she was in the room with a huge balcony. Sonic went in. Amy was standing outside on her balcony, wearing a funny expression on her face. She had just realized why there had been such a beautiful, colorful sunset.
Sonic looked at her with a slight frown of concern, and looked out over the sea and at the sky. The frown left his face, and his eyes suddenly got huge. There were tall black clouds surrounding them. "Tropical storm", he murmured. She nodded.
"Wow...what now?" she asked.
"Don't worry. We'll be fine", he said. She didn't look convinced, so he said, "I'm here, and we'll play a game or something", he told her. Amy still looked worried. She knew how dangerous tropical storms could be. She also knew they could turn into a powerful, raging hurricane. Sonic hugged her. "Hey, lets make a pizza or something", he suggested. Amy smiled.
"How 'bout if you help put on the toppings? You'll kill yaself if you try to cook again", Amy told him.
He laughed. "Oh Amy", he smiled. He hugged her. Right then, there was a loud crash of thunder. Amy screamed.
"Shhh....Ē Sonic said soothingly. There was a loud crack of lightning. Amy shuddered and began to make the pizza. Sonic walked over to the closed doors of the balcony, and threw them open. He peered intently up at the sky. He saw thick, tall gray clouds where the blue sky should have been. The gray clouds were rapidly turning black. Sonic ran inside, grabbed his camera, and took pictures of the storm.
While he was outside, Amy noticed a guitar in the corner of the room. She picked it up gently, and carried it over to a chair.
"I would like to sing", she decided. Sonic came inside, and sat down beside her. Amy tuned the guitar. "Ahem", she cleared her throat, and began to play and sing. She played a beautiful Spanish melody. As she played, she began to really get into her song. When she was finished, Sonic clapped loudly. She stood up and took a bow, beaming.
"You have a lot of talent!" Sonic exclaimed. She smiled.

Even though outside there was a raging storm, Amy knew everything would be all right. Sonic looked over at her and noticed how happy she looked.
"Amy, how come you're so happy all of the sudden?" Sonic asked.
"Because everything is right in my world", Amy said. Sonic thought about what she had just said. He realized how true her saying was.
"Amy, you're absolutely right", he said, and hugged her. Amy giggled, knowing she would never forget that moment.It seemed perfect to her. The storm raged, the wind blew, and everything was perfect.



November 16th, 2001