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Chapter One-

My Sweet Hedgehog


Disclaimer:  Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are ã to SonicTeam/Sega.  I don’t own them (well, duh, would I be writing a disclaimer if I owned them? XD)


This is the first chapter of many ^^  It’s going to be a long, ongoing thing about Sonic and Amy, because I’m a SonAmy shipper, and EVERY SonAmy shipper needs_a_SONAMY_STORY!  So, here’s mine.  <^.^> Enjoy it! 




On a cold cloudy day, Amy Rose was walking around the mall, window-shopping.  The air was dry, and she was extremely thirsty.  She spotted a vending machine with sodas in it by a shoe store, and immediately decided to buy a drink.  Good, she thought, and made her way through the crowd.  She put her money in the machine, then selected a drink.  The soda did not come out.  She gently tapped the machine.  Nothing happened.  She hit the machine a few times, before banging on the machine, yelling, "Give me my soda!"

She kicked it several times, before she gave up.  She put her head against the machine, nearly in tears of frustration.

"Hey, need some help?" a voice asked from behind her.  She spun around.  There was a hedgehog standing behind her.  She instantly recognized him as Sonic the Hedgehog, who was always in the newspapers.  She gasped before eagerly answering


Sonic reached around the back of the vending machine and hit some sort of a cord.  The soda came flying out of the machine with a loud clunk.

“Hey, thank you!” Amy said. 

“Sure, anytime”, he said, then smiled and walked away.  Amy gazed after him.  She noticed how all of the other girls were staring at him.  She glared at a group of them, before running towards them. 

There was a group of teenage girls standing by a flower boutique, drinking sodas and holding quite a few shopping bags.  They were wearing sunglasses on top of their heads, and tiny outfits just barely covered their “perfect” model figures. 

“Hey, stop staring at him!” she yelled kind of loudly. 

Sonic turned around.  He saw the girl he had just helped yell at some other really pretty girls.  He smiled, smoothed his quills back, and then sauntered casually over to them.  But by the time he reached them, the girl had told them off, and they were all leaving.  Sonic looked at wonder at the girl.  She was pink almost all over, and was staring off at the girls with a very satisfied, smug expression on her face.  Sonic shook his head in disbelief, and then walked over to a skateboard shop.  Amy stared at him happily.  She had a new crush. 

“Hey, um, sir”, she called after him.  He turned around. 

“Do you mean me?”

“Yeah!  Um…thanks for helping me with the soda machine”, she said nervously, twisting her hands. 

“No prob…anyway, gotta go”, he said, and then walked off.  She’s cute, his subconscious and his heart thought.  No way, his brain told him.  He shrugged and walked off, still thinking about her. 


                With her soda opened, Amy walked quickly in the opposite direction, taking long sips of the chilled soda.  Suddenly, she turned around and saw him walking off.  With a little smile on her face, she realized that her heart was beating fast.  I think I like him, she thought, feeling both foolish and pleased.  Maybe I’ll meet up with him again soon.  Taking another big gulp of soda, she continued walking towards a clothing store, the smile never leaving her face.