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      Chapter One


Disclaimer:  Sky Fox is ã to me, and ONLY me.  Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Knuckles, Tikal, and Tails are all ã to Sega. 


This is kind of a fluffy, non-adventure type of story.  It has no Robotnik or anything like that.  And nothing AT ALL to do with the Archiverse.  So there will be no Pacbell, Snivley, or Sally in the story.  Good old SegaSonic.  And it’s all…different :D Sounds familiar, huh?  BECAUSE ALL OF MY STORIES ARE DIFFERENT!  HAHAHA-*cough choke*-…HAHAHA.  ^-^  Anyway, enjoy it!  <^.^>




“Pretty day, huh?” Sonic said to Amy as they sat on the grass in her backyard.  She nodded, looking up at the deep blue sky in the morning light.  Not a cloud was seen in the sky. 

                “Let’s go eat something”, Sonic said.  “I’m starved”. 

                “Let’s eat here at my house.  We can fix some sandwiches”, Amy said.  Sonic nodded, and they went inside. 




                Two hours later, they were sitting in Amy’s kitchen, laughing at joke Sonic had told.  Amy was giggling, when suddenly, she felt a strange prickling sensation on the back of her neck.  She jumped, and then shivered.  Sonic noticed this, and stopped laughing abruptly. 

                “What’s the matter, Amy?” he said. 

                “I feel kind of cold”, Amy said.  Sonic looked concerned.  It was at this time that he glanced out the large window beside him.  And then his expression changed to surprise. 

                “Whoa”, he said.  Amy followed his gaze, and then gasped. 

                “Those are some clouds!” she said.  And they certainly were.  Tall, billowing dark gray clouds that were rapidly approaching. 

                “Awesome!  What do you say that we invite everyone over to hang out?” continued Amy. 

                “But of course!” Sonic said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.



                Fifteen minutes later, Tikal, Knuckles, Sky, Tails, Sonic, and Amy were all gathered in Amy’s living room. 

                “I love storms!” Sky exclaimed.  Tails chuckled and put his arm around her. 

                “You are so excitable”, he said, smiling.  She giggled. 

                “Will that be a problem?” she said, putting on a fake attitude.  She grinned and shook his head, then playfully hit her shoulder.  She jumped a mile. 

                “Tails!” she said, laughing.  Tails grinned at her and shrugged.  She shrugged back, and gave him a hug. 

                “Guys, you should all spend the night here.  That would be so fun!  We could stay up and talk and eat and…” she continued energetically.  Sonic laughed as he watched her.  She was happy with the littlest things.  But of course, that one of the reasons he liked her so much. 

                “And the best part would be the storm!” Sky added.  Tails and Sonic exchanged glances.  They both seemed on the verge of laughter. 

                “Right.  The storm.  When the lightning strikes the house, it’ll be just like fireworks!” Knuckles said sarcastically. 

                “Yeah!” Amy and Sky cheered.  Knuckles cracked up. 

                “I was joking!” he said, laughing.  Amy looked at Sky, and then they both burst out laughing. 

                Tikal was the only silent one during this time.  She was looking outside the window with a set expression.  Her eyes were narrowed.  Knuckles noticed her sitting down on the couch all alone, and he walked over to her. 

                “What’s the matter?” he asked her, concerned. 

                “I don’t trust the storm”. 

                “What do you mean?” Knuckles said, giving her a funny look. 

                “This could be a serious storm”, she said.  Knuckles hugged her. 

                “Whatever happens, don’t worry.  We’ll all be here together”, he told her soothingly.  Her expression loosened, and she actually smiled at him. 

                “That’s a relief”, she said. 

                “I’m going to run up to that little store a few blocks away and get some goodies for tonight”, Sonic said. 

                “Okay, thanks Sonic!” Amy said.  Sonic gave her a quick smile, and then he raced out the door and was gone in an instant.


                Ten minutes later, he was back with eight bags of groceries. 

                “Good God Sonic, what did you buy?” Amy exclaimed.  Sonic laughed.

                “Let’s see…there’s cookies, popcorn, chips, soda, chocolate, pizza, coffee…” he went on and on.  Tails looked happy. 

                “Wow!  That’s a lot of food.  This will be fun!” he said loudly.  Sonic glanced at the clock on Amy’s wall. 

                “It’s almost four o’clock”, he stated.  Amy nodded. 

                “Good”, she said.  ‘We still have some daylight left”.  The soft pattering on the window suddenly distracted her.  She looked over at the glass and realized that the rain had begun.  It seemed to be raining lightly, nothing to worry about. 

                It was only the beginning…


                “Ooh!  Twister!  I love that game!”’ Sky said happily, holding up the box that the game “Twister” was kept in. 

                “Look!  An Magic Eight Ball!” Tails said.  He shook it and asked, “Does Sky love me?”  He paused, and then read the answer.  “Ask again later.  WHAT?!”  Sky giggled, and then kissed his nose. 
                “You don’t need an Eight Ball to tell you that!” she said.  He smiled and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek. 

                It had been half an hour since Sonic had returned from the store.  Now, they were prowling through Amy’s storage room, searching for activities for later.  They were then going to go up into Amy’s room to get blankets and all other things that they’d want. 

                “Look!  Cards!  I bet I can make the all time best card house!” Knuckles said. 

                “Magic tricks?  Cool!” Sonic said. 

                “What’s this?” Tikal asked Amy, holding up a dusty old box.  Amy opened it, and peered inside. 

                “It’s my old assorted box!  It has marbles, jewelry, you name it.  C’mon, let’s bring all of this stuff into the living room”, Amy said.  They all struggled to carry all of Amy’s old treasures down to her living room. 

                “I’m hungry”, said Tikal suddenly. 

                “Why don’t we make some soup for later?  I think warm soup is the best on rainy days”, suggested Sky.  “I’ll make it.  Is that okay with you?” she said, turning to Amy. 

                “Sure”, Amy agreed.  “Everything you’ll need is in the kitchen”.

                “Can I help you?” Tails asked Sky. 

                “’Course!” Sky agreed.  They walked into the kitchen and began to search for ingredients. 


                “While Sky and Tails cook some soup, why don’t we decide what else we’re going to do”, Amy suggested. 

                “I think we should stay up until…8:30 tomorrow morning”, Sonic said enthusiastically. 

                “Yeah!” everyone agreed. 

                “Defiantly!” called Sky and Tails from the kitchen. 

                “Okay, what else?” Knuckles asked them. 

                “I think that we should…crank music full blast!” exclaimed Sonic. 

                “Yeah!”  It was unanimous. 

                “Good.  Let me zip over to my house and grab my CDs.  Be right back”.  He sped out the front door and was gone.  Amy shook her head. 

                “Just watch, he’ll be back in about two minutes”, she said with a smile.  Knuckles nodded. 

                “I have an idea…let’s order pizza!” he suggested energetically. 

                “Good idea!  Here, let me get my wallet”, Amy said, and she went off to get her wallet.  She came back and handed him twenty dollars. 

                “Buy us a good pizza!” she said. 

                “How about cheese pizza?  It’s simple, and we all like it”, Sky called out from the kitchen. 

                “PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZA!” screamed Tails.  Everyone began to laugh. 

                “Let’s rent movies!” suggested Tikal. 

                “Let’s tell Sonic about our ideas when he gets back-“ Knuckles started, but he was cut off by Sonic running in. 

                “I’m baaaaack!” he said loudly.  As if on cue, Amy burst out laughing. 

                “This is like a bad sit-com” Knuckles commented, causing Amy to continue laughing even harder. “Ahem”, he said, trying to get everyone’s attention.  When everyone finally stopped laughing, he told Sonic about his or her ideas.  “We thought that we could rent movies and order a pizza.  How does that sound to you?”

                “Sounds great!  I say that I run over and get a movie or two, how does that sound?” Sonic suggested. 

                “Great!  Can I come with you?” Amy asked him, a sweet smile on her face as she did her best to look completely innocent. 

                “Sure!  Here, I’ll carry you so you don’t get wet”, Sonic told her.  He scooped her up and ran out the door again. 

                “Well, let’s order a pizza!” Tikal said.  She had only had pizza once or twice, so she was eager to have it again. 

                “Okay then”, Knuckles picked up Amy’s phone and took a look at the speed dial buttons.  Everything was labeled with hot pink scrolly writing, except for a few things in messy blue ink.  “Let’s see…Sonic, Tikal, Sky, Tails, Knuckles-hey look, I’m on here! -” Everyone rolled their eyes.  He grinned annoyingly and then continued.  “Ah yes, the pizza shop.  Hey Amy, why is some of this writing neat and the rest messy?” he asked.  Amy chuckled. 

                “Everything that’s messily written is Sonic’s handiwork”, she told everyone else, causing her friends to look at Sonic.  Sonic looked confused for a moment, then beamed in a silly way and struck a pose.  Amy playfully tried to punch him.  As her tiny fist came near his shoulder, he grabbed her other hand and whirled her around, wrapping her in a hug.  She shrieked and then giggled.  Everyone was laughing and talking. 


None of them heard the loud boom outside.


                And then everything went black.