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This is where I'll put all of the past updates, for you curious fans ;D

~*6/7/02- Welcome to ~Love ya Sonic Amy~! It's opening day, and I'm already recieving fan fiction and a bit of fanart! Thank you sooooooooooooooo-*cough choke* Ack, so much for sending in stuff! Keep sending, it totally helps. I want this webbie to grow and to always be around. Hope to see ya around here! ~Stilla

~*6/23/02- Welcome to ~Love ya Sonic Amy~! WOW! You would NOT believe the immense ammount of fan art and fan fiction that I am recieving! I hardly believe it, dang it! XD KEEP SENDING! The only reason that none of the fanart/fanfics are up is because I have to finish UPLOADING THEM! THAT'S HOW MANY THERE ARE! :D Thank you to all who sent stuff in! You'll find a lot more links are working. THANK YOU EVERYONE....JUST THANK YOU! ^_^ ~Stilla

~6/28/02- Eh heh ^_^; Sorry about the non-updates XD I update a LOT more than I say, just so ya know n.n Anyways, I'm FINALLY starting to put up fanart and stuff. The other SonAmy section of the site is going to be HUGE, so I gotta start on that too. The fanart is coming along well. Dang, you people are great! ^^ I'm getting so much fanart, it's not even funny. Ha ha ha *smacked* XD Okay, back to work! Expect more updates soon! :D ~Stilla

~8/14/02- *hides face in shame* OH WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! ;-; My poor neglected site. I've already gotten e-mails from people screaming at me. "WORK ON YOUR FREAKING SITE!". Eh...heh...^_^;;;;; Since I feel so bad, I shall make up for it with a HUGE update! =D I'll be finishing my about me, fanart, few others o.o And then I'll start on the...*gulp* fanfiction section. n_n;; Expect more updates from me! X_x; ^^ ~Stilla

~8/21/02- ^_^ Nice large update this is becoming XD I'm BEGINNING ON THE DARN FANFICTION SECTION, OKAY! ....o.o;;; Not like it's a problem ^^ I appreciate all of your e-mails saying "FINISH YOUR *insert lots of swearing here*-ING SITE!"'s inspiring, really. o_o So anyways, the opening page should be finished by the end of today (I know, it looks horrible. Bear with me. XD. I updated the fanart section, and I'll be working on the other SonAmy stuff SOON (fanfics come first before I get killed). So see ya and enjoy the updates! ;D! ~Stilla

~9/1/02- I'm FINALLY starting on the other SonAmy part of the site (X_x That part of the site shall indeed be huge). I just wanted to explain that the reason this is all taking so long is because I'm working moving files from...nevermind, that's a long story. XD. The fanfiction section is slowly coming along...I'm MISSING a few files I'd like to have, and I need to get those soon. But otherwise than that, I have no excuse except for laziness ;P Sorry everyone, I'll hop to it before I get me arse flamed to the heck. *shot* XD Come back soon and see what changes ^o^ ~Stilla

~9/27/02- Long time no update o.o;;; School's been keepin' me plenty busy ;P But anyways, the fanfic section's GOING UP! ^-^ I'm busy converting files into .txt files n'stuff, so flaming me more won't get ya anywhere. XD. I'm putting up more fanart. And so...DON'T COMPLAIN ANYMORE. Or I'll shove a rabit eskimo down your throat. >) See ya! ~Stilla

~11/17/02- I've been really, really, really, reall-*shot* get the idea, busy with school, you get the idea... But, I finally stopped being lazy, and I uploaded all of my fanfics =D All of the other fics will be up shortly. The Renditions page, the fanart page, and the About Me page are all in the process of being updated ^_^ I'm going to start on the Other SonAmy page as soon as I finish the fanfic page (and I'm so close...n.n;) See everyone around, and please...COME TO MY MB-*shot* Bai! ~Stilla

~11/26/02- Whee! I updated kinda sorta a lot...not really...*shot* I updated the fanart section and the renditions page, and I have a new, VERY NICE affiliate! So check out her site, it's AWESOME :D Well, enjoy the updates, folks =B Bai! ~Stilla

~12/12/02- Hiyas :D I'm EXTREMELY excited to announce that on December 15th, 2002, it will be the one year anniversary of this site ^__^ Happy b-day, site! ^.^ I'm also putting up the X-mas banner. And stoof. I'm working on the art page, too. => Okay, lemme explain that up until about 4 days ago, my MS Paint did NOT have the option of saving things in .jpeg form. That was a BIG problem. I had it about a year ago, but then it just...dissapeared O_o;; But, it re-appeared n__n So that means that some of my .bmp files can be converted without looking too bad! YAY! ...and so, anyways, I'll be putting up some more art (Natashi's, Mecha's, and TC's), so go check it out! ^^ See you all on Sunday, the site's b-day n_n Bai! ~Stilla

~12/14/02- Wow, I'm updating again :D It's been almost a year ^^ Well, lesse, what's being updated today? More of Natashi's art, a new chapter of a fic by me (:D *shot*), a few new pages are going up, X-mas decorations, and a few new links (possibly.) Maybe a few other things, oh well, I'll update again if needed ^.^ Enjoy the new stuff, and have a good day :D ~Stilla

~12/15/02- Well hello there XD IT'S BEEN ONE YEEEEAR! n___n *happie* Well, lookit the site! It's all X-masy! ^_^ *happy SOME MORE* I hope you like this layout, aaaaaand...guess whaaaat....? *shot* I'm putting up a site bio :D SEE EET! Enjoy and happy B-DAY SITE!!!!!!! ~Stilla

~4/18/03 - Hiya all! I know it's been MONTHS since I last updated ;_; And I'm very sorry. I've been so busy with school and other stuff...but it's finally Spring Break (FINALLY) so I can work on this site. I have a new affiliate (see entrance page) and I'm working on new pages. I'll be putting up new fanart/fanfics later. So see yas, and enjoy the update! ~Stilla

~5/12/03- Yo ^^ I updated! :D Teila's fics are all up, as well as sakebi's! ^_^ I need more stuff to put up. x.x I'm sure there's more stuff I have that needs to GO up... >.>;;;... but anyway! Enjoy! ~Stilla

~5/31/03- I got a new affilite, Khaoxxmedia! Check eet out on the index page OR the links page! That is all :D ~Stilla

~6/26/03 - New affiliate and such, +Perfect Pink+! Check it out. Anyway, it's HIGH TIME that this place got a new layout. I'll be working on that as soon as I can (it may be a while... I'm positive it's not going to be up by the end of June >.> Bear with me.) I'm working on fanfics too, sorry to keep you all waiting :P I'll have new fanart up soon, along with other stuff. More soon (hopefully.) ~Stilla

~7/15/03 - A new layout is in the works! ^_^ It's taken me long enough, I know, I know >_>;;... it's hard work, making a layout! And this one is going to be fancy. It may take me another month, another week, I don't know. Just be patient ^^ I have several fanfics I'm working on. Speaking of fanfics, MandiiV's fic is up! New art will be up soon. I won't be putting up new stuff too much before the new layout, because that means I'll have to re-arrange it when the new layout is finished :P So nyeh. Thanks for your patience, and don't hesitate to send more fanstuff, sankyoo. ~Stilla

~8/06/03 - I'm so sorry everyone (for the delay). I've been having some comp troubles >_> The layout is being worked on. The graphics are the main reason it's not done... among other things. It'll be up, don't worry. Just sit tight n' be patient, I promise that I'm not just being lazy. I -am- working on it. Thanks. ~Stilla

~10/9/03 - Heh... you're probably all thinking "this site is dead, I'm leaving and not checking for year and years, etc." BUT WAIT. I know there's been a HUGE delay... I'm just so busy x.x But! I have made a promise to an admirer of my site, and that promise was that I'll have the layout done before October 31st. Fair? I think so ^^ See you all before then. ~Stilla*