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THANK YOU! ^____^

This is a special page dedicated to a lot of special (I mean special in a good way! XD) people out there. They all mean a lot to me and to the site.

First off, I'd like to dedicate this in loving memory of my Grandmother.

Next, I'd like to give ENDLESS thanks to a few of my online buddies ^_^
Mecha- You have been SOOOOOOOOOOO great, helping me though everything. Thank you ^-^ I can't even SAY how much I'd like to thank you XD
sakebi- THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOOOOOOOOU! Same as Mecha, I can't thank you enough. And a HUGE thank you for converting my idiotic BMP files to GIFs for me XD That helped the site A LOT
Nurse Goldie- GHETTO GOLDIE! XD THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! You've been such a GREAT friend to me, always there to listen to me ramble endlessly or to laugh along with me when I nearly get killed by making popcorn XD THANK YOU!
There are SO many of you that I can't even BEGIN to list you guys! It would make this page have an overload and take hours to finish loading XD So, you all know who you are, and I have to say: Thank you for everything ^_^

Next off, I HAVE to thank my IRL friends:
Melissa- You've had to sit through hour long phone conversations of me telling you about my writing XD But you've always helped with the plots, and you've endlessly been great. THANK YOU!
To Rita and the gang- What can I say? XD THANK YOU!
TO ALL OF MY IRL FRIENDS- You guys are great! *tears* XD Thank you for everything! Like all of my OL friends, I can't list you all, but just know that I care soooooo much! ^_^

To all of the artists, writers, HTML helpers (MEGA AND BRANDON, you know who you are! XD), and just everyone who contributed to helping me with the site- THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you guys, this site would be nothing, and just chock full of my awful creations! XD THANK YOU! ^_^ ;u; You people are so great! n_n;

To all of the message boards that I spend too much time on, including Tilas' MB, Sonikku to Emi, Sonnikku N' Amy (my board! *smacked* :D ) andthe few others that I spend endless time at- thank you. All of the people there have had a postive infulence on me and my life, and you guys have helped me when the going gets rough. Thank you ^-^

Of course, thanks to my family ^_^

And last, but not least (OH DEFINANTLY NOT LEAST! *shot*), there's someone special I have to thank. He knows who he is, and some of you who are reading this know who he is, but that doesn't matter. I can't say what I mean here, but just know that you are very, very special to me. =D