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SonAmynish! ^_^;;

Welcome to the reditions page! This is where I'll put up all of the great pics that everyone has drawn for me. ^^ I'm honored to have these, and thank you! <^.^>

On a side note, I thought I'd explain why most of the pics by me are hosted on Geocities. Well, tripod doesn't like .bmp files. XD. And they looked terrible as .gifs or .jpegs, so I decided that this way, I could put them on tripod without having to move my entire site to Geocities x-x;;; So that's why ^^ Have fun looking at the pics! =D


ME! XD A cute pic of me n.n
EZboard Avatar Drawn for my EZboard profile ^^
B-day Piccy Birthday pic! ^o^ RK IS S-*shot*
ME! XD A cute pic of me n.n
B & W Pic Black and White pencil sketch of a realistic meeee n.n'
Colored Pic Colored version of the above ^^
'Nother B & W Pic Pic of me holding a rather annoyed/suprised RK's hand. XD
B & W me n' RK Me clinging to RK >D
Inked and colored version of the above Drooling fan girls...gotta hate 'em n.n
LET'S PLAY HOUSE! XD Wow...poor RK...XD Poor, poor RK....(slightly bad language, click if you dare ^.^;)

Sam Cyber Cat

Me posing Pic of me just posing =D


B-day Pic ^-^ A birthday present for me ^o^
Cute pic of me This one's cute n_n

Emiz Hedgehog

POSE! Me n.n Just posing and looking cool :D *shot*
A banner made for the site Emiz made a banner for me, but since she drew a pic of me innit, I decided to put it up here =D
Me dressed in beach clothes I'm ready to go to the beach :3
Cute pic of me Cute little pic of me ^^
Me winking ;D Me just winking n'posing! ^u^
Me Laughing Me laughing, cute ^^


Sonic Advance Sprite Big Sonic Advance sprite of me n.n
Darkness... Pic I did using PSP7 and MS Paint ^^
Piccy Pic based on The Calling- "Wherever You Will Go" =B
Fourth of July Pic Pic I drew on the Fourth of July ^^
Determination Banner A banner I did for a story I'm writing. All pics except for two done by me and compiled by me. Other two pics are copyrighted to MechaSonic2 and Sonicpaws. n_n;
Second Determination Banner Second banner done for that story. Made in PSP7 and MS Paint n-n