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Sonikku's high in space, Amy in the ^_^

Aww....leaving already? Okay, but come back soon! ^^ Here are a lot of great links of my friend's sites and sites that I just like. Enjoy! ^_^

One of my best friend, sakebi's site ^_^
My good friend Teila's kawaii site! n.n
My friend Tilas' art site! =D
My great friend Mandiiv's site!  ^^
My friend Sonicpaw's site :D
sakebi's other site! n_n
One of my best friends, Nurse Goldie's chao site! ^-^
My friend MLC's site! n_N!
One of my best friends, Emiz's site! ^^
sakebi's fanfic site! n_n
Jamie Swiftrunner's site!  =D
Kat's Amy site! ^-^
sakebi's domain!  ^.^
My new fellow SonAmy friend's site! ^o^
A very nice Shdaow site n.n
My friend Two Tails's site! ^.^
Justin W.'s site! ^-^
Two Tails's site! =D