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Amy at zhee beach and Sonikku lookin' at her ^_^ I WONDER WHY?! :D *smacked*

Here are some banners you can use if you'd like to link to my site. Yup, this is a free-linkage site, so you don't need to ask me to link ^_^ Run your mouse over the banner to get a short description of it :D Please save and upload them to your own servers, and please DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK THEM! ^^;;; I doubt you could, anywayz. Tripod's funny that way ;D Here are the banners:

Made by sakebi!
Made by sakebi! ^__^
Made by me!
Made by me and fixed by sakebi! XD
Made by Emiz!
A big but very cute banner! ^_^
Another one made by Emiz!
Stilla picture drawn my MechaSonic2, banner made by Emiz! ^_^
Made by Tori!
Made by Tori-chan! ^^
Made by Natashi!
Made by Natashi-chan! ^.^