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~Love ya Sonic Amy~

Site of the Month- A Fox Artist's Insanity, by Tilas Fox!


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~Love ya Sonic and Amy~ Hello! My name is Stilla, and I'm the owner of this here site! Welcome to my Sonamy site, ~Love ya Sonic and Amy~. As you might have noticed, I moved from in February of 2002, since a.) It was a pain, and b.) Because they DELETED my old site -_-; >.< Anyway, this time (at this location) I'll have a lot more fan fiction (not just my own this time- amazing, huh? XD), and I'll ACTUALLY have fan art. Anyway, have fun and check out the site! =D

SITE WILL NOT BE MOVING, AT LEAST NOT FOR THE TIME BEING. THE OWNER HAS LOOKED AROUND, AND EVEN CONSIDERED OLD HOST ENVY.NU. BUT NOW ENVY.NU HAS DELETED A TOTAL OF FIVE SITES SHE HAS CREATED, ONE OF WHICH WAS THE ORIGINAL ~LOVE YA SONIC AND AMY~ SITE, THE OTHER FOUR BEING TESTERS. SO STILLA HAS DECIDED THAT TRIPOD WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR NOW. On another less shouting-ish note, I have promised to have the site layout ready, as well as the MB layout revamp done by OCTOBER 31ST, 2003. So keep checking back, because it will most likely be finished before them. ^_^ Thanks so much for your patience.

Sonikku n' Emi 4 eva!