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Haunting Memories

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Sonic characters mentioned in this story, and none of them are used with permission of Sega. All Sonic characters are ã to Sega/SonicTeam.

This was written on a very confusing day of my life (VERY confusing), so please bear in mind that some of the things that happen in this here piece of cra-writing are very emotional.

Yus, on to the story now! ^_^


Amy sat on her bed, holding the golden framed photograph. She softly blew on it, causing the dust to escape into the air. If only I could escape as well, she thought. Her small fingers lovingly ran over the surface of the frame as she gazed at the smiling blue hedgehog in the picture. If only Sonic would love me again, she thought for what seemed to be the thousandth time.

Slowly, she stood up on her wobbly legs, setting the photo down on her bed. She carefully walked into her kitchen and got herself a glass of water. Taking long, thirst quenching sips of the cold liquid, she felt her remaining energy drain out of her. After taking one last sip, she set the glass down on her counter and walked back to her room. Exhausted, she collapsed on her bed and fell asleep as soon her face hit her pillow.

It had been a beautiful autumn day when Sonic had asked her to meet him at his apartment. She had eagerly accepted, and hoped that he would have a surprise for her, or something special to tell her. Once she had arrived at his home, he had shocked her with bad news.

"Amy-chan, I need to tell you something important", he had said. She had smiled and hoped that it would be that he loved her, or something even better…

"We’ve kind of grown out of this relationship stuff, and I don’t know…" he squirmed uncomfortably. Amy looked at him, eyes wide and confused.

"What do you mean, Sonie?" she asked, in a curious but worried voice. The next ten seconds seemed to last for years.

"Amy, I think we should break up". Amy felt the color drain from her face, the breath escape from her lips.

"What?" she said softly. Her face showed only numb shock.

"You heard me. I think we should break up", he said bluntly, showing no sign of pain or hurt. Her emerald colored eyes filled with tears.

"But Sonic…" she trailed off. A lone tear dripped down her blanched cheek. He gave her a look that was sincere, yet it seemed like he was annoyed at her hurt. He gently took her arm and stepped out of his doorway with her in tow.

"Look, Amy, I think it’s for the best. I’ll see ya around", he said hurriedly, and, letting go of her arm, went back into his house and shut the door behind him.

Amy felt the wind of the door closing push her strawberry pink quills back and the warm tears slide across her face as the door slammed shut. Half closing her eyes, she ran away from his house, away from the one she loved so much. Faster and faster she ran, quickly approaching her house. When she reached her house, she felt the pain begin to sink in through the numbness. Flinging open her door and letting it slam shut behind her, she sprinted into her room and flung herself on her bed, sobbing. She felt as if her heart was being broken into hundreds of pieces; that her life was coming to an end. She bawled so hard that she could feel her lips shake and her head hurt. In between her sobs, she murmured to herself,

"But I love you Sonic…"


Two days had passed.

The pain had nearly become unbearable.

Amy had never felt this way before. Instead of her usually happy, slightly energetic attitude, she felt as if she could die and not care. She no longer cared about her looks, which had indeed changed over the past two days. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying, and sunken into her pale, tearstained face. Her puffy red lips were shut tightly, preventing anyone from hearing her now hoarse voice she possessed from speaking. She hadn’t changed from her red dress that she had worn the day Sonic had changed her life.

She continuously slept, dreaming about only Sonic. Many of her dreams were nightmares, replays of the awful scene magnified to be much worse. She often woke up screaming or crying.

She hardly ate; hardly drank.

She hadn’t answered the phone.

She hadn’t answered the door.

She was alone.

And that’s what she wanted.

The memories were haunting her, driving her to the point of depression.

And she no longer cared.


Slipping out of her bathroom in clean, warm flannel pajamas, she dried her quills and put on her slippers. She padded over to her back window and looked out at her backyard. She immediately felt her tired eyes sting with tears as she remembered the numerous hours that she and Sonic had spent, whether it had been bathing in the warm sunlight or building snowmen.

I feel like I am dying. But I don’t care. It’ll all be over if I die, she thought bitterly. Any other time, she would have slapped herself as an attempt to return to reality, and reminded herself that many people cared about her. At this point, she didn’t care whether anyone lived or died.

Why did he reject me like that? Is there someone else who is better than I am? Did his friends convince him to dump me? Does he hate me?

Silently crying, she made a decision. Trembling, she picked up her pink phone. It felt heavy beneath her weakened hands. Slowly but firmly, she dialed the number she knew so well. Shaking violently and holding her breath, she heard the phone on the other extension ring.

And everything stood to a standstill.

"Hello?" asked a male voice. Amy felt like bursting into tears, but she bit her lip and said in a hoarse, weak voice,

"Hi Sonie", she said, still using her pet name for him. He sighed unhappily.

"Look, Amy, I told you. It didn’t work out. Move on, grow up". At that point, she did burst into tears.

"Are you that cruel, that heartless, that you can actually say that to me without feeling like you’ve broken someone’s heart? You’ve broken mine, and I can’t go on living like this", she said, sobbing in a way she had never done before. She could hear Sonic gasp softly.

"Amy, are you crying?" he asked, surprised. Amy sniffled.

"What do you care?" she said, not bothering to stop the tears from flowing.

"Uh…we’re still friends, right?" he asked uncertainly. Amy glared at the phone in her hands.

"I didn’t think you wanted any contact with me. What you did hurt. All I’ve done is cry for the last few days, wishing that you would at least trying to do something to assure me that you didn’t hate me. But now I know. You’re just a heartless fool". Sonic felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. What had happened to the excitable, sweet girl who had chased after him most of his life? Was he that mean that he would just leave her in the dust; throw her away like a wrapper of candy? I am such an idiot, he thought angrily.

"Amy, stay where you are. I’ll be right there", he said suddenly, and hung up the phone.

"Soni-" she began, then stopped. She held the phone a few feet away from her face, faintly aware of the soft hum of the dial tone. Slowly placing the phone into its cradle, she moved away from the desk where it lay and moved towards her door.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

Shutting her eyes and taking a deep breath, she opened the door slowly, her eyes fluttering open.

There stood her loved one, looking red in the face and weak in the heart. His eyes widened with concern and shock as he got a look at her.

"Amy…? What happened to you?" he asked softly, his eyebrows creasing into a frown. For a split second, she looked hopeful, and then the look vanished from her face and she looked weary again.

"You put me through it", she said simply. Sonic gaped at her. He then realized what he needed to do.

"Amy-chan", he said, using his nickname for her. Then he gave her a sad smile. "I’ve been an idiot, telling you off like that. Amy, I never would have known that I would have put you through this. You…you don’t deserve it", he said, stuttering nervously. Amy, who had had her head bowed, looked up at him.

"What do you mean?" she asked, not quite understanding what he meant.

"I…Amy-chan…I’m sorry. I was a fool and a heartless one, just like you said. The truth is…I love you". Amy’s jaw dropped. Sonic looked embarrassed, but relieved that he had said that. He opened his arms for a hug, and she moved into them swiftly, this time sobbing with relief.

"Sonie-kun…I love you too. I was hurt so badly when you rejected me…and now I feel like I could die and be happy". Sonic gave her a watery smile, for she had brought him nearly to tears with that simple statement. She softly brought her lips to his.

"I love you…"


"You really forgive me?" Sonic asked in disbelief, sitting on her pink couch. She smiled, her face lightened with a new strength.

"Of course I forgive you", she said. Sonic chuckled. He could see her old tagalong self returning at full speed.

"As long as you’re happy", he said to her. She gave him a grin.

"That’s the most caring thing you’ve said to me in a while!" she exclaimed. Sonic returned the grin.

"I can do better than that", he told her.

"I can practically see that ego of yours swelling over your head", she giggled. Sonic smirked.

"Thanks, that’s the most caring thing you’ve said all day", he said in a mocking voice. Amy gave him a look and burst out laughing. She laughingly pushed him away from her, but he grabbed her hands and pulled her close.

Time came to a standstill as he drew her near to him. He could see in her eyes that she was both surprised and moved by what he was doing.

"I love you…", he said a final time, before moving in for a kiss.

The demon of the haunting memories had been slain, and her life was no longer a nightmare, but a dream come true. Hell was heaven. Water was gold.

And Sonic was hers.


June 28th, 2002