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Don't steal the banner! n.n;

If you'd like to submit a fic (which I hope you do! :D) please read these rules, unless you'd like to get an annoyed e-mail from me asking you WHY you submitted a fic about Sally and Eggman buying a new lawnmower and moving to Bermuda O_o; XD Anyways, the rules are simple, and all I ask is that you follow them! ^^ Here they are:

1.) Must be a Sonic-Amy fic. Duh! n_N

2.)No SatAM stuff, such as Sally, Bunnie, and Rotor.

3.)Nothing above PG-13. If it is, I'll read it and decide if it's okay. But please, for the most, keep it PG-13 and below.

4.)It can be in .txt form or Microsoft Word ONLY (...not like there's many other choices, but whatever *shrug*) XD

READ THESE RULES! ....yeah.....

5.)No bashing others for their fics! That's not fair!

And last, but not least, have fun and enjoy the fanficnish! ^_^