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An Awkward Love

Rating: G

Pairing: Sonic+Amy

Warnings: Pure WAFF

Notes: Random fluff that I wrote in about thirty minutes or so. It’s in Sonic’s point of view. I love writing from his eyes, his character is very fun! ^_^ Well, hope you like it!

Another day, when someone and someone falls in love
Somewhere in this world
Two intertwined lines becomes untied
And stays untied
It's awkward love but
You can't convey it with words
~ Katakoto no Koi (A Awkward Love) from Chobits

I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. But you probably knew that already. I’ve saved the world countless times. I have many fans, I’m rather proud to say. Though I do have a self-proclaimed number one fan, Amy Rose.

I…I honestly don’t know what to think of her. She clings to me, she always gushes over me and to be perfectly honest I don’t mind it. But, I’ve always wondered…are her words simply empty thoughts? Does she really care about me or is she just saying that because I saved her behind once when she was younger? I’ll never understand girls, I really won’t.

I know I run from her and I don’t know why. In all honesty, I think I’m afraid. Yes, I’m a coward in this respect. I, Sonic the Hedgehog, am afraid of emotions. I don’t remember my parents at all so I’ve never felt any affection of the sort until Amy came along. She’d hug me and I’d freak out. What am I supposed to do?! So I run and I know I break her heart each time I do. But…it’s just an impulse; I’m scared of what she might do to me, what she might do to my heart.

The last thing I need is to fall in love. Really! I mean it!

I know I say this and nobody believes me, not even myself. My head tells me that I’m not the type of guy who settles down and yet my heart tells me otherwise. Sheesh, don’t you hate it when that happens? Getting two messages and you don’t know which to follow?

Though, sometimes, listening to your heart is a good thing…


It was a rather nice day. God, that sounds so cliché. But it was. For once, I was walking through Station Square, I had recently moved into the city and leased an apartment near the beach. It was about a month or so after the ARK incident and I was still a bit upset about it, though not as bad as I had been earlier. I won’t even go into that…

So, anyway, I was strolling along the sidewalk when I heard a voice calling out to me.


Yep, it was who I thought it was. I stiffened and waited for her to clasp on to me. And, as fate would have it, that happened. The pink hedgehog threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. She smiled and looked me in the eye, her emerald eyes shining with a happiness I only saw in her during these brief moments. Though I had to admit, she did look pretty cute that day.

Whoa, wait, where did that come from? Cute? Did I, Sonic the Hedgehog, call Amy Rose cute?! The girl that I dreaded to be near? Cute?!

She hugged me again, "Sonikku. I haven’t seen you since ARK. How’ve you been?"

I swallowed a bit, "Great, I’ve been great. You…?"

She finally released me from her grip and smoothed her red dress, "Fine! Neh, have you talked to Knuckles or anybody lately?"

I shook my head and sighed, turning my gaze toward the heavens for a brief moment.

"Um, Sonikku? Do you want to…do something with me today?"

I looked down back at her and noticed that her cheeks were tinted with red. This surprised me; Amy usually called it a ‘date’. Now she was saying ‘do something with me’. The latter actually sounded more appealing to me at the time.

I grinned my usual grin, "Sure." I crossed my arms, "Anything you had in mind?"

The pink hedgehog looked up at me. Her eyes shined with that same happy look again. And for some reason, it made me feel warm inside to see it. I felt happy that she was happy.

Man, that sounded incredibly corny.

She suggested that we just walk around the plaza and then maybe get a bite to eat. I agreed, for once. Though I didn’t realize that her idea of ‘walking around the plaza’ actually involved going in them. So I ended up going through many stores with my pink companion.

In one store she practically tried on a whole new wardrobe. And, I really hated to admit it, she did look…well…well…beautiful in a few outfits. In those moments I realized that Amy could much more mature looking than she led on.

And much to my dismay, she even forced me to try on clothes! I put on jackets, which I had to admit did look pretty good on me. A couple she even convinced me to buy, which amazed me beyond belief. I wasn’t really one to wear a lot of clothing but I figured I’d try it out for her sake.

Aw, crud, there I go again.

And after clothing shopping and even going into a few electronic shops (my pleading really did the trick) we went to get something to eat. We both wanted pizza so we sat down at the nearest pizza place and ordered a big cheese pizza which we both shared. The waitress thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend, which thoroughly embarrassed us both. Amy said I was blushing but I wasn’t, honestly!

So, after that, we walked to a nearby park. I noticed that Amy was giving me looks occasionally. She would peek at me through the corner of her eyes and I would meet her gaze. Then I’d turn away with what sounded like a grunt but it really wasn’t. She would giggle and it would be silent again.

A few minutes of silence passed again. Suddenly, I felt something warm wrap around my hand. I looked down to see Amy’s hand clasped around mine. My eyes widened and I felt something then. I really can’t explain what it felt like, it was like a warm feeling in my chest that seemed to engulf my insides the longer her grip held onto mine. My chest felt very tight and my breath became shorter and more labored. What was I supposed to do? In all honesty, it was scaring me. Her grip tightened and she looked up at me shyly.

My knees suddenly beginning to feel weak, I pulled my hand from her grasp and dug my hands into my jacket pockets (I was wearing one of the jackets I’d bought at the time) and picked up my pace a bit. I heard her giggle and I frowned. I spotted a bench and quickly sat on it, throwing my arm over the back of it. She sat down next to me and sighed, scooting closer to me. To any passer by, we’d look like just a couple out on a date, which is really not something I wanted.

After a moment she asked me if I’d had a good time. I nodded without saying a word and she seemed rather content with that. Though something kept bugging me throughout the whole day.


She looked up at me, startled, "Why what, Sonikku?"

I leaned forward and brought my hands to my knees, "Why do you…always follow me and always want to be with me?"

I looked at her from the corner of my eye and I noticed how surprised she looked.

"Why are you asking this suddenly, Sonikku? I thought it would be obvious by now! I mean…I’ve known you for what, four or so years? Are you…are you that dense?!" She frowned and stood up, clearly upset.

I sighed and put my head in my hands, "I don’t know…what you mean. Are you just following me because I saved you that once? Do you really have nothing else to do but cling to me and hug me? Why…"

"Sonic, you MORON!" She cried and turned on her heel to storm off.

In those moments that followed, I really don’t quite understand what happened. Something told me to go to her, that I knew the answers to my questions already. I stood up suddenly. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me. She gasped and I saw excitement yet fear in her eyes. I don’t know what compelled me to do what I did right then, but my free arm threw itself around her waist and I pulled her close. I leaned forward gently and she gasped again. I felt my lips meet hers gently.

It wasn’t he most elegant of kisses, more like a feathery brush against her lips. But, it was a kiss. And…and I actually started it.

I pulled away, my own eyes wide. My arms had moved around her waist and her hands were against my chest. I felt her heart pounding against my body and found that my own heart was threatening to burst. It was then I realized that I cared about Amy deeper than I ever thought I did.

I knew the answers to my questions. She followed me around because she loved me.

And I, Sonic the Hedgehog, had fallen in love with her somewhere along the way.

desino ~ end