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w00t, pics of Stilla!  n_N

Here is where you'll find out about some stuff about meh :3 Here goes nothin' :D

Name: ....just call me Stilla, okie? XD ^^;

Nicknames: Call me Stilla =D

Age: 13

Birthday: August 31st, 1989

Sex: Female, NO DA! *shot by sakebi* XD

Location: USA

Likes: This is going to be long XD Hmm...I like popsicles, tropical stuff, snow, Hawaii, popsicles ^_^, Sonic and the Sega Universe peeps n.n, hanging out with my friends (online and offline ^^), daydreaming, writing, drawing, being a SonAmyshipper ^-^, spending too much time on the Dreamcast and the computor, hamsters, kitties, puppies, THE SONG LIVE AND LEARN! ^.^, and stuff! =D

Dislikes: Oh, here we go...mushrooms, backstabbers, liers, a lot of uniforms, evil people, uh...George Bush, the dentist/orthadontist, doctor's office, school (sometimes), a certain evil teacher of mine, and...yup, don't let me get started XD

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, being on AIM, being online ^_^ Adding SegaSonic pics to my locker at skewl :3 I have quite a collection! XD There's more, but I'm too lazy to write it XD

Friends: Too many to say XD I'll name a few....: Digi, Teila, sakebi, Nurse Goldie, Sage, Space, Tilas, Emiz, MandiiV, Mag Logan, Melissa, Kate, Omega/Brandon, Ozy, Tatiana, Fei, Dark, and so many more XD

Marital Status: Single =P

Here is my livejournal.
It's where I write meaningless stuff about my life =D

A few other things...

Favorite Quotes

^_^ More to come soon!